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Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Already

Wow, it's Friday already!! TGIF!! That being said, I've spent the week with a handyman in my house keeping the family room from falling off and/or burning down. Not much time for crocheting this week.

Oh yeah, and the handyman is my big brother who is here visiting for the week, so playing host is taking most of any free time that I have.

Anywho, the only crocheting I've done this week is Coliseum squares, totalling 11 for the bedspread. When I get 16 finished I will post another pic. The overall effect of the different images in the ghan as more squares are joined changes as each new one is added. It's been fascinating to watch it develop as I go.

I have a deadline next week for an eBook that is being published soon that includes two of my designs and a joining method I've yet to develop. I guess it's time to get cracking on the joining method, eh? My brother is heading out early Sunday morning which means I'm going to be crocheting from sun up to sun down starting then.