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Monday, May 23, 2005

Serafina Shawl - photo

I finished the shawl yesterday, woo hoo! It only took about three hours total which is fantastic for a Christmas gift. And I'm very pleased to say that I will definitely be able to get one more shawl out of this one skein of tonal boucle. That will definitely help the gift budget!!

I want to thank two people that helped quite a bit with this project (even if they didn't realize it). Edith helped me with the length of the shawl. She has worked this pattern up before so her advice was very valuable to me. The back measures 32 inches. And also to Stashaholic for her groovy way to measure a WIP. I tied a piece of cotton yarn to the neck and then cut it at 32 inches. That way I could just use the yarn to measure as I go instead of hauling out a tape measure, which made it very quick and easy. Thanks ladies!!