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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Dude stash - photos

By popular demand I am posting pics of how I've organized my stash. The yarns are categorized by type, then by color. It's not a pretty display of yarn, but for me it keeps all the types easily accessible. I've been told it's a sorry stash relative to others' (I've heard rumors of people renting storage units for their tubs of yarn...). I am planning to build in storage cubes from floor to ceiling in this craft room so I have plenty of empty shelves to fill!

The WIP Bins are plenty big for at least ten projects, but most likely I could store up to 20 (2 projects in each bin). Each of the plastic bins is dedicated to one type of project: Coliseum bedspread, Charity squares, etc. In case you are interested and you don't have The Container Store near you, you can order these bins here: Storage Bins