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Friday, April 29, 2005

Thanks everyone!!

I want to thank everyone for making my CafePress store so successful already! The response has been great and per several requests I will be creating more products with different images soon. For those of you that have signed up for my website update newsletter I will announce the new products within the next week.

I have the swatch and sketch ready to submit for publication. (Magazines are working right now for items that will be published next winter!) The design is a long sleeve tunic and I worked the swatch in red for Valentine's Day. This is the one that I thought was due at the end of May, but it's actually for the beginning of May! Good thing I checked.

Now, back to cleaning house....

PS: Laurie, dinner last night was poached salmon, broiled asparagus and a salad of fresh picked romaine lettuce topped with garbanzo beans and olive oil. I'm just saying.