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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Who knew? I designed another bookmark last night while watching a Belgian movie called Transfixed. I'm not too experienced with thread so crocheting and trying to read subtitles was a bit challenging! I'm surprised I didn't hurt myself. Seriously. Those little hooks are pointy.

Here is a pic of the gifts I gave for Christmas last year. I like to pick a theme and last year's was "paint cans". I put most items in plain silver paint cans from Home Depot (do you see a pattern in my shopping?), and wrapped the larger items in silver paper. To make the name tags I took small paint brushes and dipped them in green high gloss paint; once dried I dipped them again in red gloss paint. Then I wrote the recipient's name on the handle with a black marker. Once the gifts were opened the nametags became Christmas tree ornaments. I bet none of my victims loved-ones ever thunk they would need a screwdriver to open Christmas gifts! It made for a funny morning. Not as funny as the year the willy warmers were given out. I'm just saying.

*Click image for a biggy view*

Cleocatra watching out for Christmas spies...