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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Flowered Comfortghan - photo

Even though The Blob is kicking my booty, I finished this comfortghan over the weekend. The flowers are all so pretty and I can't thank the square-makers enough. I wanted to make the squares the star so I used a very simple joining method and edging. Gotta love that crab stitch!

*click for biggy view*

Comfortghan - flowered


To update you on the attack of the late-night animals, I put one of those sonic rodent detterent machines up in the attic. I'm hoping it will keep the animals from exiting the walls and nesting in the attic area. As an added bonus it has a nightlight on it so I don't have to reach through the dark unknown scariness to turn the lights on. I hesitate to even open the trapdoor/stairs contraption because a giant killer rat or giant killer bug (all things that live in that attic are "giant", and of course "killer") is bound to be waiting to attack me. Then who would finish The Blob?