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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I can finally share with you the bignews!! I have been asked to co-author a book with Annie Modesitt.... let that sink in, the knitting goddess Annie Modesitt... you know, the one who has the design on the cover of the current Vogue Knitting... etc, etc, etc...

Anywho, I have been asked to co-author a book with her for Lark Publishing called Men Who Knit and the Dogs That Love Them (working title). This is such an exciting development and I can't wait to get started (actually we already have!!).

More details later as things get further along!


Please visit this site and vote for Clancy. Clancy is just about the cutest cat and I hope he wins this contest. Voting ends on August 17 so hurry on over please!!

Voting has ended. Any statisticians out there want to tell me the odds of the "results" of this poll actually happening? 8 contestants, 2993 votes, and two photos tie for first place with 1408 exactly? I'm going to have to call b*llp*cky on this one. Seriously, I just don't see that this could happen statistically.