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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Who invented a/c?

Whoever it was, I'd like to give them a peace prize. Seriously. I went outside to mow yesterday at 8 a.m. to beat the heat, because it was only in the 80's with 98% humididity.

Anywho, what a relief to come back inside to the crisp 78 degrees of my house...and find a message on my machine from a reporter in London wanting to interview me. We played phone tag for a couple of hours then chatted for about 40 minutes. If the article runs it will be in the Sunday Telegraph in London. She promised me a copy of the paper so I can share it with you (apparently they don't have an online paper). London baby!!!

I spent the rest of the day working on one of the patterns that I plan to submit to the 2007 Crochet Pattern-a-day calendar. It's an interesting garment that I will reveal once I figure out if it really works or not. LOL I'm working it up in Louet Gems Topaz Merino Wool in the color French Blue. Wonderful yarn to work with. The color is so rich and drape so wonderful. (I'm edging it with the yarn in the pic to the right that I found whilst on yarn safari.)

Speaking of that, you should really submit a pattern to Annie Modesitt for the calendar. You retain the rights to the pattern and will get tons of exposure for your website or blog. Click the link in this paragraph to see the guidelines. Let's see your name in print!! (and if you have a pattern in the calendar, think how easy gift giving will be next year.)

"Hi, happy **insert gift giving opportunity here**, here's a calendar that my pattern is published in. I've even autographed it for you." I recommend using the Thurston Howell, III voice. One should never miss that opportunity!