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Monday, June 13, 2005

Poll Ended - results below

I enjoyed watching the statistics change as the poll went on. At first Swimwear had a commanding lead and I thought for sure I would be crocheting some speedo-esque patterns soon. Then Kid's Sweaters went a head for a little while. It wasn't long though before the steadfast Poncho took over the top spot and never looked back.

So, with 101 votes, Ponchos will be the next big thing on The Crochet Dude drawing board. I already have Pretty Pleats with Mango On Top as a start, and have two more really cool ideas sketched.

Patience though, since I'm just starting a very large project right now (to be announced later, perhaps with photos), and the deadline is already looming. As soon as I make some progress on this project I will get started working on ponchos.

Total votes 314

Ponchos 32 % (101 votes)

Baby blankets 23 % (75 votes)

Swimwear 13 % (41 votes)

Kid's sweaters 13 % (41 votes)

12 inch afghan squares 11 % (35 votes)

6 inch afghan squares 6 % (21 votes)