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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You're Hired!!!

Someone liked the Cable-eight Top that I knitted a while ago that she ordered one for herself this morning. I’m making it with a yarn called Cotton Fleece All-season Luxury Cotton Yarn by Brown Sheep Company of Mitchell, Nebraska. It’s a wonderful blend of 80% cotton and 20% merino wool. It’s so soft! She wanted a light yellowish tan color. So since this pattern is worked up holding two strands of cotton together I chose a light tan color called Putty and a pale yellow called Banana. The two together look incredible and are a color combo I would never have thought of. I bet she’s going to love it, it’s a perfect summer sweater weight. I’m also still recovering from the dentist (bleck) so a repetitive easy pattern like this one is just what the doctor ordered. In a couple of days I should be back to normal and can attack that HUGE yellow project I showed you yesterday.

*click photos for biggy view*

Yellow-tan Cable-eight Top

Yellow-tan Cable-eight Detail