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Monday, August 22, 2005

I feel so empty inside....

I don't but this envelope I found in my mailbox this morning does. It came from mein geheimer Freund in Germany and arrived opened and empty. Isn't that sad? I have no idea who sent it or what it was.

So whoever you are over there in Germany who was kind enough to send me something that I should never bend, I thank you! It truly is the thought that counts!!

New URL for book submissions
For those of you who are planning to submit anecdotes about knitting & dogs or knitting & men or men & dogs here is a new addy to check out:

Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them!

Seattle Bound Vest progress

I'm still working on this vest with leftover yarn from Nouveau Riche (I know I know, when is the pattern going to be available? Not in August, hopefully September so y'all can make it for a lucky dude on your holiday gift list) and here is my progress so far. I cabled the entire back without a cable needle and now I'm working on the front using a cable needle. I want to see which is easier and/or produces better looking cables. The jury is still out since I just started the front piece this morning (it's that little one on the left in the pic).

Of course the reason I'm working on this vest is two-fold. The end product will be a holiday gift I can cross off my list! (C'mon y'all, it's almost here!) More importantly I'm practicing my knitting skills to get ready to knit one of Annie's designs for the book. I have seen her sketches y'all, and holy. spicy. homemade. guacamole. She's a great designer!! The proposed collection of men's sweater designs are incredible and seriously, I can't wait until this book is available so I can start making them all!!!