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Thursday, August 18, 2005

...on your left is Big Ben...

I spent most of yesterday giving a guided tour of the Houston area. A friend of mine from Heartmade Blessings was in town with her husband and father-in-law and we made arrangements to get together and meet. So I drove them for lunch at Katz's (which never kloses) and had some authentic New York style deli sandwiches. Once I could tell they were not psycho-killers I offered to drive them around the city for a quick tour of the highlights.

Knit Dudes

If you are a dude that knits, know a dude that knits, love a dude that knits, have a dog that knits, know a dog that knits, or love a dog that knits please click on the button in my sidebar under "Open Call". We want to hear your story!!

Crochet Dude

Today I'm going to hunker down and get this poncho booklet finished (I've pretty much said that to myself every day, but thought if I say it publicly it would help keep me on track LOL). The response has been great with Do Your Vest! and I hope that the ponchos generate as much enthusiasm.