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Friday, September 30, 2005

Hands Free

I have received a couple of comments and actually quite a few emails asking for me to post a pic that doesn't have my hand in front of my face. It dawned on me that I am doing what my mom always did. It is nearly impossible to find a photo of her without her hand in front of her face. So in order to please my peeps here is a photo without my hand in front of my face:

Huge Thanks

Thank you to the people that have already donated to Habitat for Humanity by ordering gear from my Cafepress store! Y'all rock!!

Men Who Knit Anecdotes

I have received some amazing anecdotes about men that knit and about dogs and yarn. Keep 'em coming! This book is going to be fantastic! Oprah, are you listening?

He's Crafty (Beastie Boys reference y'all)

I managed to knit eight more inches on my sweater for the book today too. I love how the colors are turning out; it looks like a watercolor painting!

I also have all the ends woven in on the swatches I'll be sending out this Monday. I have to work on the actual sketches this weekend which will be difficult since the weather turned cooler last night. I want to be outdoors!!! Hey, I could sketch outdoors... brilliant!