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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Baby blanket - photo

Here is the pic I promised of the baby blanket I made over the weekend. I didn't get it finished-finished until this morning. Somehow getting all my photographs into rubbermaid tubs (thanks Rita, now go away please) took precedence. That being said, the blanket is ready to be shipped this a.m. (click for biggy view and note my foot placed strategically to show actual size of blanket)

The pattern is by Terry Kimbrough and is called "Pristine". Terry is such a talented designer and her patterns are fantastic! This one is was published by Leisure Arts in a booklet titled "Heirloom Afghans for Baby".

More Fun With Cats

In case you've grown bored looking at photos of stuff on cats, or actually putting stuff on your own cat, here is another site to entertain you. It's called Cats In Sinks.