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Monday, September 19, 2005

It's a Girl !!!!

Friday afternoon I received an order via the Internet for a pink baby blanket like the one from February 22nd. As fate would have it, my little stash did not contain any of the pink yarn needed, so I had to go out and shop for some. It was about a thousand degrees and 140% humidity (welcome to Houston) as I headed out. One block from the yarn shop I drove into a deluge. Seriously, it was raining so hard that my little Saturn almost started to float. By the time I had bought a few skeins of yarn it was sunny and thousand degrees and the humidity was up to 165% because of the rain. I drove home dry and ended up watering my lawn and gardens. I heart Houston.

I had a busy weekend trying to get everything put away from the vacation but I was able to get the blanket almost finished. I'm hoping to ship it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Pics tomorrow.

Yap Yappity Yap Yap

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