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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Birthday Schmirthday

When I was a kid birthdays seem so far apart, now they kind of sneak up on me. They don't bother me though, and it's an excuse to do anything I want without feeling guilty! (Well, not anything I want... sadly my life is still rated PG-13 y'all...)

The only bad part of having a birthday in July is that in elementery school my classmates would bring cupcakes or cookies on their birthday for the whole class, but I never got to do that. I did have one sensitive teacher (who must've had a summer birthday too) that chose a day at the end of the schoolyear and we celebrated the summer kids. I felt special. I don't think kids can even take food to school anymore, can they?

Sometimes a birthday cake should look like a giant hamburger, dontcha think?

*in case you were wondering, I was born in '67...you do the math...*