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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Irony, Thy Name Is Sunshine

I had a working weekend. I have made some serious progress and met all my deadlines so far. I did have to ask for a bit of wiggle room on one teensy project and the editor was very kind enough to give me an extra day. It's amazing what a difference 24 little hours can make!!

I'm about three hours away from from finishing my entry for the 2007 Herrschnerr's Afghan contest. Any of my peeps entering? Once I get that finished I need to finish up a few design submissions and then weave in all the ends on the twinset then I'll be all ready for Pennsylvania. I told you about Pennsylvania, right?

Anywho, I'm working like a dawg because as some of you may or may not know tomorrow is my birfday and, well, I don't want to have to work on my birfday!! So far I have planned for the day a trip to the Fine Arts Museum to see an exhibit called GeeĀ“s Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt which is a collection of quilts made by a group of African American women that were pretty much cut off from the mainstream because of the location of their town back in the 1930's and developed their own style of quilting as a result. It should prove fascinating. Also on the agenda is lunch at Ikea, a movie and then sushi for dinner.

Melon Smellin

I harvested a watermelon yesterday as part of the 4th of July celebration. Since it rained on and off most of the day (with occasional cloudbursts) watermelon in my kitchen was about as festive as it got. That and watching the fireworks on t.v. Anywho, this is the first watermelon to be harvested (some of you may or may not remember that I planted these from seed earlier this spring).


The irony of course is that it is perfectly sunny out right now. Let's hold that thought through tomorrow, shall we?

10:05 a.m. - now it's pouring rain again.
12:08 p.m. - now the sun is out again.
12:39 p.m. - now the sun is shining AND it's pouring rain.