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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Verification Complete

It's official, the twinset does indeed fit a human being. It has been on Miss Thang for so long now, who, as we have established, has no arms or shoulders, and I was starting to worry that it would only fit alien creatures whose arms are situated differently, which totally reminds me of that jr. high joke where the punchline is "so I can go up to girls and tap them on the shoulder and say don't I know you?" but that's kind of off the point.

Anywho, yesterday my lovely neighbor (who does indeed have two shoulders located in the correct place for a human) tried the twinset on and it really looked great. It made me so happy! I don't often get to see real live 3-D people wearing my designs, so it was a real treat!

Several people asked where? when? how? and I'm happy to say that this twinset is for my line of patterns and will be available via Lulu.com this summer and via your LYS (hopefully) later winter early spring. Hey, if you want to help with buzz you could innocently ask your LYS "do you carry any patterns by Drew Emborsky, you know The Crochet Dude??" Plant those seeds, there's no harm in that, right? buzz buzzzzz

Call Your Local Cable Provider

Also yesterday I emailed the final steps of one of the projects that I will be demonstrating on the DIY Network in August. Did I tell you about that yet? It's for a new show called Uncommon Threads (which is debuting any day now) and they are starting to film the second season in August. (Which for you mathies out there it should be easy to figure out that my episodes won't be on t.v. until next year.) I can't tell you what I am demonstrating but let's just say that designing purses recently has been good for The Crochet Dude. I'm just saying.


Today I have to (and I mean it) hunker down and finish a project that is due for Lark Books (I know I haven't told you about that) and it must be shipped tomorrow at the latest. Half the project has been finished and shipped and I believe they are using it to advertise said book in the trade catalogs (such an honor!) but the other half has to be finished today and shipped tomorrow. Do you think Miss Chandler would help me out?