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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Miss Thang

I've taken to calling my dress form "Miss Thang", she's got quite the attitude. In fact these last few days when I go to take a photo of her in one of my creations she puts her hand on her hip and gives me "the look". What did she think she was going to do, be stuck in a closet somewhere? I don't think so! Her destiny was to be all over the Internet. Anywho, I've finished crocheting the twinset and now I have to wrangle my lovely neighbor into trying it on for me to see if it needs any tweakage. Miss Thang might have attitude, but she doesn't have arms.

Look At My Banana!

I was surprised to discover that my bananas are already setting fruit! This is the earliest ever since I bought this place three summers ago. Must be the banana food that I gave them back in February. That and the foot of rain we got in Houston two weekends ago.

*nutritious and delicious*