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Monday, July 10, 2006


Thank you to everyone who left me birthday kudos as comments, sent them as emails, etc. Y'all really know how to make a dude feel special. I ended up having a great day that turned into a fantastic long weekend: just what the crochet doctor ordered! (so to speak, as there was no doctor involved especially not a crochet doctor which sounds vaguely like a new hip hop artist...anywho).

After breakfast at my favorite local New York style deli I toured the quilt exhibit at the museum. It's a fantastic exhibit that apparently is debuting here in Houston then will be going on tour later this fall. (See last Wednesdays blog entry for more details.)

Then lunch at Ikea. Is it weird that I really enjoy going to a furniture store to dine? I love their food there and although the meatballs are supurb, I also like to try the daily specials too. Thursday's was flounder stuffed with shrimp with a creamy sauce. Wowza! Ikea also produced this in my family room:

And this:

Which eventually turned into this in the guest bedroom:

After Ikea came the power nap. Ah, the power of the power nap. They don't happen often enough, but on one's birthday they are imperitive! After the power nap was the sushi dinner. All in all, it was a fantastic birthday! Thanks again!!!

Is Philly Ready?

I've been scurrying around all weekend getting read to head to the Summer Knit & Crochet Show in King of Prussia, PA this week. This is my first time at such a convention and I'm a bit nervous! I have a bazillion things to get finished before I can even think of going including but not limited to:

  • Finish and ship afghan to Herrschnerr's for afghan contest.
  • Weave in all the ends of the twinset, who will be making her debut at the Saturday night fashion show in PA.
  • Finish and send out design proposals to a certain Super Cool Crochet Magazine (II).
  • Print out multiple copies of my wholesale pattern catalog in case I run into anybody that may be interested.
  • Finish the step outs for one of the episodes that I will be filming for DIY next month.
  • Finish the homework for the celtic cabling class that I will be taking in PA (Melissa Leapman is teaching. Did I mention she's my official mentor? And that we are going to get together for dinner whilst there? Did I mention she's Melissa Leapman?)
  • Pick up dry cleaning, get a new watch battery, get a new camera battery, clear off the camera memory chip, arrange transportation to airport, write thank you notes for birthday gifts, etc.
I will have my computer with me and plan to blog during the week (be sure to say "hi" if you are at the show and we run into each other, well, say 'hi' after you say 'excuse me' which is only polite after you've run into someone; my mom taught me that, she also would accidentally say 'excuse me' if she bumped into the counter or a chair, which would make us all giggle hysterically to which she would always reply 'don't be disrespectful' which of course made us laugh even harder.) Anywho, what? Oh. I'll let all y'all know what's happening in the crochet & knit world, at least from my point of view. I plan to stand close to some movers and shakers in the industry and snap pictures of them...Drewparazzi-style.

*You can't pack if we don't move*