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Friday, July 14, 2006

Classy! Flirty!

I was in classes all day yesterday and I can honestly tell you that I have learned more about crochet and knit than I have learned in a long time. The CGOA and TKGA have done such a fantastic job putting this event together and it's an incredible resource for us! I can't imagine missing another one from now on! Well worth saving my pennies for!!!

Melissa DidItellyoushesmymentor Leapman taught Celtic Cabling in the morning session. And as I've told everyone (so I don't sound like a total stalker-dork) that I had signed up for this class looooong before I had even asked for a mentor, let alone be assigned Melissa Nowihavehercellphonenumber Leapman. And after a few hours of class (and immeasurable patience from the teacher) this is the celtic knot that I was able to complete:

At the end of the class Nicole introduced herself and let me know that she has completed all the squares for the Flying Afghan and is in the process of finishing the joining. Isn't that amazing! What a thrill to hear that. If I hadn't been wearing long sleeves I could have photographed goosebumps. But I was so I didn't. And, just in January she was only making afghans that were all double crochet stitch, and now she's completed the Flying Afghan? Oye, the competition's getting younger...

Then I met up with Tracy in line for lunch and we decided that a table for two was much more fun than two tables for one!

At lunch this was the table next to us. Notice how all the food is at one end of the table and the other end is left free for some knitting? I think there are some sweatshop laws being broken here...

After lunch I had a class called "Turning Pro" with someone I won't keep repeating her name but her initials are Melissa Ididntwearblacktoday Leapman. Her skirt was Flirty! Fun! Would make a great Sister/sister set! (That's an inside joke between me and my classmates and the teacher. It has something to do with the sample design proposal that we had to come up with on the spot and to which I proposed a naughty candy striper with matching knitted go-go boots that would be a great mother/daughter set...anywho...)

The evening was a great fun with a keynote speech by Carol Alexander (I made her hug me. I couldn't resist. She's just so huggable!) Then the market street preview with famous authors signing books, all the market was open, there were snacks and free wine (which is why I didn't take my camera) and lots of people having a LOT of fun. So much that I don't think I can even blog about it. You'll just have to attend next time!

I got back to my room (which happened to be the Cleopatra's Tent fantasy suite that they switched me to because of one reason or another and y'all, it had no window, and mirrors on every single surface and a king sized bed sunk into the floor with a big canopy and gold pillows and a nice stereo system and a jacuzzi tub and well, I was way too exhausted from the 18 hour day that I had just had to take photos. But you can picture it I'm sure. I'm in a normal room now which actually has a desk, and Internet access. And I don't have to turn off all the lights to put on my pajamas.) Now I'm on my way to help the CGOA booth join some charity squares, and then meet up with yarn company people, then the CGOA Annual Meeeting, then the "After Hours Lounge"......a place where the crochetiers and knitters can sit around and mingle without scheduled activities. This week is going way too fast.