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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm On Vacation!

I'm On Vacation!
Not really, but this poncho that I designed yesterday would go great on your next vacation! I wanted to design a poncho that would be very easy to wear when you are traveling, so it's not too long (wear it on a plane or in a car) and it is made to go well with casual attire. So if your aren't looking your cutest after flying for 10 hours you can deplane at your destination looking great, just throw on "I'm On Vacation!".

I need your feedback on one detail. I thought it would be cute to crochet some pockets with the denim color, like blue-jean pockets, and stitch them onto the "suede" area. Whattya think? If you like the idea, how many would be good? I was thinking two pockets spaced evenly on the front. What do you think? Or do you think I should 86 the pocket idea?

Also, there is still time to vote in my poll on just how many ponchos you would like to see in the next publication. Look to your right in the sidebar. Have a great day everyone!