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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Little Black Poncho

I have finished the "Little Black Poncho". It's light and dressy and designed to go with an evening gown. Since I don't have any evening gowns hanging around I just draped some fabric over my dress form to take the photo. Who knew photographing a black poncho would be so difficult? Anywho, here is the best photo I could come up with. The mesh area of the poncho is covered in black sequins and it is detailed lightly with a black eyelash yarn. I didn't want the novelty yarns used to make too big of a statement, since the evening gown should be the focus, so I didn't use silver sequins or fluffy faux fur.

On the vacation poncho front, your feedback has been incredible. I will make up some different sized pockets and tack them onto the poncho in different configurations based on your ideas. Most likely I will get those photos posted tomorrow. I really like the idea of secret inside pockets for small items like a credit card, housekey, etc. Most likely the "blue jean" ones on the outside would be just decorative.

I'm almost halfway finished designing the next poncho. It is inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl so it's kitchy, pink & black, and oh so adorable. Photos sometime this weekend.