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Monday, August 29, 2005

Stuff On My Cat

This has got to be the most addictive entertaining site I've seen in a long time. Ever since I saw it Saturday I have been discovering that cats don't really mind having stuff stacked on top of them. I was able to stack fifteen folded t-shirts on Chandler and she didn't even seem to care. I didn't have the camera handy so I don't really have any examples to show you, but go to this site and you'll get the idea!!

Stuff On My Cat

Cotton Fleece

I started a project using the cotton fleece that I bought last Friday. Seriously, why is this yarn so nice? In the skein on the shelf of the store I had no idea what it would be like worked up, but when I started making that Cable-eight sweater a while ago I immediately discovered that it is fantastic! I love the feel of the fiber as I'm working with it, and the finished fabric is so soft and the colors are so rich.