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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Final Call - seriously

This is the last call for all you male knitters to come forward and tell me your story. I would love to include you in my book that I'm writing with knit goddess Annie Modesitt. It's going to be a great experience for everyone. Email me very soon if you want more details!!

Monet Afghan pattern now available

I have added the pattern for the Monet Afghan to my free patterns page (the link is in my sidebar). It's important to note that in yesterday's comments I directed some to the wrong joining method by mistake. Sorry about that y'all. The actual joining method is with the pattern.

Must be fall in Houston....

Fall Colors in Houston...because the orchids are in bloom. This orchid (which is about 10 years old now) has been outside since last March. A couple of weeks ago it threatened to get down to a chilly 45 degrees one night so I brought in the more sensitive plants. I was very happy to discover that this orchid was covered in buds and now is in full bloom! I mulched the orchids that are planted in the ground and they did just fine. They blossom in the spring. Stay tuned...


This morning I woke up to this face, isn't she adorable, doesn't she just melt your heart? Then I saw a flea emerge from the fur on her neck and dive back in for another good feeding, or egg laying, or whatever it is that fleas do on cats' necks. Answer me this...how can indoor cats get fleas?