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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Winter in Houston

It's officially winter in Houston! Last night it dropped to an incredibly low 52 degrees and did I mention the furnace isn't working for some reason?


Since I was able to mark off two WIPs over the weekend I started another Christmas present yesterday. It all started with the fondling of the yarn in Yarns 2 Ewe yesterday. I had just deposited my first paycheck as a designer (when the Leisure Arts booklet comes out I'll let you know! Woo HOO!) and stopped by the yarn store to celebrate. I was planing to make a scarf with Noro that Crazy Aunt Purl, well, is crazy about. But before I got to the Noro display I stuck my hand into a giant pile of 100% Baby Alpaca yarn from Peru.

Seriously. I couldn't move. It is the softest yarn I have ever touched.

Moving on, I bought some of it in a deep cranberry color and started this scarf last night. It's my own design, whattya think? (for some reason my camera doesn't get true reds...imagine it as a dark cranberry color)