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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Longer is indeed better.

Thank you to everyone that helped me to see that longer is indeed better. So I'm going to use another skein of the baby alpaca and double the size of the scarf. That should make it right around 70 inches.


Here are the beginnings to a 2 X 6 tapestry. It's been fun pulling out my afghan square patterns and working them up again! It's been a while!!

Tapestries are fun!

Cool 'nuff fer ya?

This is what happens when it cools off at Chez Dude... I end up with 27 pounds of cat squished into the most unlikely of places. During the hotter months Cleocatra & Chandler keep respectful distances while they sleep, but let it get down in the 50's at night and they are suddenly strange bedfellers.

Halloween was exhausting.