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Friday, November 11, 2005

You Need a Montage!

A big giant THANK YOU to Crazy Aunt Purl for creating this composite preview of my 2006 calendar. The photo software that came with my computer doesn't seem to allow me to make anything less that 15mb in size...which tends to lock up others' computers and tick everyone off!

Holiday Gift Must Have

Speaking of Ticks

I have completely soaked both cats with Frontline, per the suggestion of multiple commenters. It must work if so many suggested it. Anyone know how long before they disappear? (The fleas, not the cats).

Kmanly Knitters

I am spending pretty much all day long working on the Men Who Knit book anymore. I ran out of yarn for the sweater that I'm knitting up so until more arrives it's all about the text. I have all the first drafts finished of the profiles that have been submitted (November 18th is the cutoff so if you still want to be included, let me know!) Once we decide which ones will be included then it will be a matter of getting photographs, editing some more, and getting it all submitted to the publisher. Very exciting at Chez Fleaster!