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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fade to Sepia

I just spent multiple hours (I believe, but I didn't really time it, but y'all, this being a *coughprofessionalcough* is exhausting) on the phone with perhaps a certain producer in a certain studio in a certain city in southern california, and while we were going over all the details and she was all perky and happy and so thisisjustanothernormaldayinhollywood, I got that glazed looked come over my eyes and considered taking on a new health regimen that includes red wine, or chocolate, or both... Anywho, getting ready to tape multiple episodes of a half-hour craft show is a LOT of work, and I have a BAZILLION little steps to crochet, and a script to approve, and tell me how I can lose 35 pounds in 10 days please? I hope they use Oprah-cameras. I'm just saying.

Swatch On, Swatch Off

I finished up a large proposal and sent it off to Super Cool Yarn Co. V, (yes, that's V as in five) this morning. It took me about a day and a half to completely put it together. I implemented several aspects in the proposal that I learned last week, so we'll see how the response is. Hooks crossed!! I have another idea to swatch & propose for Super Cool Yarn Co. VI (are you keeping track of these? I'd better take notes so I don't get them mixed up). But that will all have to wait until I get all the little steps for the taping crocheted.


In my spare time recently (I can't believe I just said that) I finished up another Bobbi Bear. Now it's on my newfangled electronic to-do list to put faces on them. I predict they will be finished by August 15th. I love how that photo looks like it was taken in the 70's and faded out. How long was that nap I took the other day?