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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I ended up taking a three-hour nap yesterday afternoon. I'm happy to report that the dark rings under my eyes have diminished and that today I feel pretty much back to normal. Normal energy-wise that is. Inspiration-wise I'm still flying pretty high. I can't really describe how it feels to have one's eyes opened to fresh ideas and directions. All I can suggest is to surround yourself with inspirational people and to be open to the direction that creativity has taken them. That's what the Crochet Guild of America has definitely done for me!

The Haul

I packed no extra room in my suitcase on purpose before going to the meeting last week. The last thing I needed to do was have a stash-enhancing experience whilst in PA (that goes for the belly too, but that's a whole-nutha-subject) but alas sometimes the best intentions are thrown out the window (if your room has a window, and not just mirrors because if you throw your intentions at a mirror they just bounce back, which I'm sure makes you think I've had wine at 10:00 am but it's just. Not. True.) Anywho, this is what I brought back with me (click for biggy view).

I do have to mention the two hanks that I purchased (on the left side of that photo). Do you ever walk along, minding your own business, and then something(s) just whacks you upside the head and you realize that you can't resist it? I call it the Borg Factor, because indeed, "resistance is futile". The Borg Factor hit me big time when I walked up to the booth in PA that had all these hanks of fiber, in the most incredible color combinations that I've ever seen. If I had had mucho dinero I would have bought much much MUCH more of this stuff and hung it on my walls as art. It's so soft, and so vivid and in such unexpected color combinations. Here are some detail photos (again, click to make them biggy, you won't regret it!)

Her booth was called "Create A Rainbow!" and her name is Christine (of Tochay's Farm Fibers & Yarn Emporium). She said it all started years ago with two sheep that she received for mother's day! No website to direct you to but she has a shop (by appointment) in Jonesville, Michigan, in case you are in that area. She also attends a lot of the fiber/sheep markets around the country.

Viking Attack

I was trying to show a non-knitter yesterday why the Norwegian Purl is the best thing since Risgrynsgrot and she got this glazed look in her eyes and I could just tell she was planning her escape. So of course instead of changing the subject or moving away from blocking the only exit I bumped up my own enthusiasm hoping that she would understand. Sort of like speaking english much louder to a non-english speaking person, thinking it will magically translate for them. Which happened at my highschool graduation party back in the 80's when the mom of a dutch exchange student was sitting outside at a picnic table with my mom who was talking so loudly that it scared the ducks away and just then a gust of wind came up and blew the plate of potato salad out of Mom's hand and right square in the face of the dutch lady which I'm sure was an answer to her prayers because indeed, that was her cue to skadoo. The oddest thing was that this nice lady spoke perfect english and Mom knew that but still couldn't stop herself from trying to be polite and speak clearly and LOUDLY. Bless her heart. She was such a kind woman.