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Friday, July 21, 2006

Scrappy Doo

You've heard me mention my brother Don a few times. He's the one that is out in Nevada and has a home inspection company, remember? His new girlfriend is very into scrapbooking and together they put together a little scrapbook for me for my birthday. (I just got around to blogging about it. I wanted to devote an entire entry because it's really cool, and a very special thing to do for my birthday.) Thanks Don & Lynn!!

*click for biggy view*

This little montage shows me from right going clockwise: elementary school, jr. high school, and a senior photo

Apparently me and the cats, we go way back. I'm the one in the sailor cap.

That's me on the left, Don on the right (in both photos). He had come to Michigan for my high school graduation. The tag I'm wearing says "I Are A Graduate", O. S. I. R. In the bottom photo I had just returned from senior trip (to the Bahamas). Doesn't Don look trustworthy? Call him up, he'll inspect your house...

Several looks from the past. Remember, it was the 80's... acid wash jeans were in fashion back then! And despite the implications on the right, the wine drinking didn't come until much later...

And of course because getting this little gem of photos, most of which I had never seen, wasn't enough, they threw in this photo of my mom... whenever I see an image of her without warning it always feels like someone just punched me in the gut. Maybe it's her saying "don't even think of putting that on the Internet!"

Cleocatra and Chandler when they were just kittens. So. Dang. Cute.