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Monday, August 28, 2006

Fun for Everyone!

Over the weekend I found myself relaxing a bit more than usual and what does that tend to lead to? That's right, starting another project. Can you really have too many WIP's? I know I know, the answer is intellectually "yes" but spiritually "heck no!". This is a knitted pillow that I tried to make last year right after teaching myself to knit and for the life of me I couldn't figure out the center panel which after blocking will be eyelets. This weekend I started it again and worked on it casually and was able to finish it last night. Learnin' iz fun.
Eyelet pillow knit with Plymouth Encore Colorspun

Extreme Close-up Fun!

Today I find myself at the edge of the deadline. As in, get this finished and if you work hard and fast enough (keep it clean) then maybe just maybe you can overnight it to its final destination on time. Although I would never admit it publicly, I seem to work better under the pressure of a deadline. This is an extreme close up of an item that I'm making for a spring issue of one of the Super Cool Crochet Magazines (I can't remember if it's I or II, but I could use and IV of coffee right about now). Would I be revealing too much if I said it was a dress? (or maybe it's a toilet paper cozy, or a sock, you didn't hear it from me). Ooh, is that someone looking over your shoulder?
This may or may not be a dress....

Canine Fun!

On Friday I received the color proofs of the Men Who Knit book. I know I sound like a broken record but seriously, how cool is this? And, for your knitting/reading/displaying pleasure it can now be pre-ordered by clicking here:

Pre-ordering is fun!