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Monday, August 21, 2006

It Suits You

I figured out over the weekend why I didn't have a suit in my closet to begin with! Shopping just about kicked my booty. I've been working from home for so many years now that all I have in my wardrobe are shorts & t-shirts! And now I have an event coming up for which I'll need a dark formal suit (or rent a cheesy tuxedo which I refuse to do) and this past weekend was my last chance to find it. After two trips to the Galleria in as many days I was able to find a black suit, white shirt, cufflinks, tie and belt. Whew, I'm glad that's over for a few more years...

Pattern Writing

It's truly like a foreign language it seems. I have this rather large project that is due very soon and I've been going over and over the pattern, and each time I look it over I realize that either something is missing, something is repeated, or something makes no sense whatsoever. After three somewhat intense hours of working on it this morning I'm putting it away for the day. I'm thinking that if I come back to it tomorrow morning that it will make more sense. Make sense?

Postcards on The Edge

Thank you to everyone who has dropped me a card or postcard over the last year. I enjoy receiving them very much!