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Monday, August 14, 2006

Almost Famous

Days 1-3

I arrived in Burbank after nine hours travelling from Houston (I was routed through Salt Lake City), and I was asked to go directly to the studio for rehearsal. My friends Amie & Pam (who appeared on the show with me) were flown into LAX and arrived about an hour later. (You can read about the experience from their point of view by clicking on their names.)

The SetOn the set

Stage OneSound-proof doors. I was authorized to enter!

The Magic Happening!When the light's on, the magic is happening!

Dressing Room at Screen Door EntertainmentWhen I arrived I had my own dressing room, but alas there was another group that needed a room as well, so I got to bunk with Amie & Pam. No worries, it was an 80's flashback (see Amie's blog) and I enjoyed the atmosphere.

I would love to share the details of the experience, and I have a lot of photos but they all have items that we demonstrated and I hate to spoil the surprise! This is for season 2 of Uncommon Threads and they are tentatively scheduled to begin airing in January. Once I know the exact days that my three episodes aire I will let you know. Woo hoo!

Day 4

On the last day of shooting (Friday) Laurie picked me up from the studio and we headed deep into The Valley. My flight wasn't until Sunday so we had just a few limited hours to catch up. The first thing we needed to do was get some dinner.

Drew & Laurie on the way to In & Out
So the obvious place to go? In & Out, of course!!

The Menu
We took it back to Laurie's famous back patio, opened some cava and chatted until the wee hours of the morning.

In & Out, it's what's for dinner...
The Sobakowa kept her laser eyes on us the entire time...

The SobaDay 5

Saturday morning (after about 3 hours sleep) we headed out to make the *coughShortDrivecough* to West Hollywood for the WeHo Stitch & Bitch that is held at the Farmer's Market. So. Much. Fun.

On the way to West HollywoodI love Laurie's Jeep in the summertime!

Almost there!Traffic was light while I was there.

WeHo S&B

At the group, there were about eleventy seven people behind me when I took this photo but for some reason I didn't turn around to take more. I don't like to make people uncomfortable by taking too many photos. If you want to see more photos of the good times a la Southern California, check out Laurie's blog entry for today. Good stuff! She even has video!