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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ever do something that you think is the right thing to do only to have it go terribly wrong and feel completely helpless and therefore hopeless? Google has taken over Blogger (hooray, Google=good Blogger=notsogood). I was one of the selected to switch my blogs over to the new Beta version of Blogger which includes some of the fun stuff one sees at the pay-for-blogging sites. Once switched over all was good, except Blogger no longer thought I had a blog, but supportively encouraged me to start one. Y'all, I've been holding my breath for about 24 hours pretending not to panic. Just this minute Blogger discovered that I do indeed have a blog and is allowing me to update. Whew!!

My Birthday Revisited

While in Lala-land last week, or Encino Adjacent as some call it, I was gifted by none other than Crazy Aunt Purl with this wonderful wooden hook, size "S". Isn't it super cool? Thank you Aunt Purl, you're so crazy!

It's Black, it's White, Shamon...

I received the B&W lasers for the Men Who Knit book. Um, hello? It's so exciting I can't stand it! I can barely talk about it. It's a book. A real-live book. And why haven't any of you told me I'm the co-author, and that the other author is knit-goddess, The Knitting Heretic herself, Annie Modesitt? Holy guacamole... if y'all were right here I'd make you pinch me. Seriously. Pinch me like I'm not wearing green undewear.