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Friday, August 18, 2006

Organized Weed-eating

I've spent the last two days recovering from everything that has been going on over the last 8 weeks or so. Getting ready for the t.v. show along with the design deadlines that I had to meet before going to Cali have left things a bit, shall we say, untidy. Not dirty, because Mom taught me that dirt is unacceptable. Let's just say that I didn't learn any organizational skills from her though. We had to shuffle stuff on the kitchen table to the side to eat, and half of Mom's bed always had her reading material and curlers and bobby pins (etc!), but the curtains were washed monthly, the bathroom was always spotless and the kitchen was spic and span (as they say), and many hours of my youth were spent hearing "you aren't going to watch t.v. or go to bed until all the dishes are washed and put away". Anywho, the last two days have been spent filing files, and shredding old paperwork and dreaming of the day that I can have a full-time personal assistant.

Public Service Announcement

I just recently sent out my summer newsletter (you get that right? well, why the heck not? Boogie on over the my website and sign up!) Anywho, I'm getting a good amount of my friends who have AOL addresses returned as undeliverable. The messages says something about "we'd love to deliver your email but your friend hasn't logged into their new free AIM account". Soooo, if you have AOL, and you use it for newsletters such as mine, then perhaps you aren't getthing them if you haven't signed into a free AIM account. And that concludes the paragraph of this blog post that may sound like I know what I'm talking about, but I truly have no earthly clue what any of that means.

To Do This Weekend

Work on my Bitchin' Mittens
Buy a new suit
Mow, weed-eat, water
Stay cool (hopefully...)
Photograph Saturday's Sky