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Monday, July 25, 2005

Pink Purl Poncho & Puppy Update

I finished the current poncho which is inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl. She's cute, kitchy and fun and I hope that this poncho represents those qualities. Plus pink & black are her favorite colors! It's made with sport weight yarn so the drape is wonderful and elegant, and trimmed with black marabou feathers just for fun. (all photos clickable)

The neck is brought together with the marabou feathers so the poncho can be worn closer around the neck or farther down on the shoulders. Perfect for going from a warm afternoon to cool evening.

Add as many panels as you'd like to make it fuller or slimmer. Also make the panels as long as you'd like for a perfect fit. It's the poncho for every body.

Puppy Udpate

By Saturday afternoon the puppies were comfortable enough with me to come out from under the house and come close enough to play with and pet a little bit. They were definitely strays and needed some immediate medical attention. Luckily I was able to place them in a no-kill foster system that will treat them medically and place them with loving families. It was hard to let them go and I'm amazed at how quickly I had grown attached to them. They are in good hands now, out of the heat, treated for fleas/ticks/worms, and much happier now I'm sure.