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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gracias a Santa Ana

After a comedy of errors that took me from the upper deck of a double-decker bus that was topless (the bus, not me) and a sudden rainstorm, to the lower deck where it was 327 degrees (fahrenheit) and finally spewd me out of the bus in a claustrophobic panic two stops too soon, I stumbled upon this nice lady crocheting up a storm with her two kitties. Was it a sign?

After a careful review of my popup Barcelona map I took a few unexpected turns and came across this store right in the busy section of the city.

In the window I saw this!

So after winding my way through the store, up the stairs and literally into a back room (the nice sales lady closed the door behind us) I was surrounded by two stories of wonderful yarns! (of course I didn't think to photograph the place, I was stunned!) She led me to one section that was all yarn made right here in Barcelona and wow did I have a hard time choosing what to buy. I ended up getting 500g of a wonderful variegated wool (see pic) and 250g of some incredible royal blue mohair (see pic).

My trek has ended. I can come home now.