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Saturday, September 03, 2005

When in Rome...

One doesn't necessarily buy yarn. All I found was brand names that seemed familiar and were obviously something I could order off the Internet if I so desired. So, in lieu of buying fibers I walked 600 steps through narrow sweaty passages to the very top of the cupola of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. What a view! (If I had a higher speed connection y'all I would be sharing some awesome pics. For now, you will just have to trust me.)

Going Down
I also went into the lower level of the church to see the tomb of John Paul II. There was weeping and wailing and a choir that sounded like angels. I don't think my little digital camera was able to capture the mood. I spent most of the time in line trying to avoid one particular weeper that used her hands to express her sadness, much like trying to shake a cockroach off her.

Cat Flangin'
I overheard a man on the street who was obviously from the deep south say "you cain't flang a cat in Rome with hittin' a church!". It's true it seems! I went to another church a couple of miles away (walkin' y'all, it's the yarn trek exercise program... you can't stumble upon a yarn shop in the subway!) Santa Maria de Angelis was a cool find, a church built over Roman baths. The church itself was designed by Micheangelo and quite beautiful. It's also the site of the original prime meridian.

Cooked in Greece
I'm now on my way to Greece to continue my search for the perfect yarn. Do they have sheep in Greece? I guess I'm about to find out! It's going to be hot and sunny so at the very least I'll come home with some color in my face. I'm going to Mykonos because apparently the island has good beaches. I may take a side trip to Delos which is the birthplace of Apollo. Apparently it's against the law to die there, so it will guarantee me one more day of trekking.