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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's Eight Inches!

Yep, I have re-cast-on the MWK&TDWLT sweater and was able to knit eight inches of stockinette already. Woo hoo! Annie was right, it does go much faster the second time around. Wendy at my LYS was so helpful in answering my questions and steering me to the right size needles. I didn't know they made circs less than 40" long. I'm just saying.

Anywho, I would put a pic but it looks exactly like the last one, except now with smaller needles the colors are coming out more stripey than pooley. (Hey, I'm a published author, I can make up words now!)

Swatch Team

I swatched a neat design for another magazine last night. They want an exotic flavor and although I like Imaginary Maggie's idea of a naughty schoolgirl ala Britney Spears, I'm going in another direction: naughty real estate agent. Hey, we all have our fantasies.