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Monday, November 21, 2005

Brunch in the Hamptons

I’m back in Houston now and had a fantastic time in Los Angeles. My hostess Laurie was very gracious and made me feel at home. If you think Crazy Aunt Purl is fun, you should meet Laurie. What an amazing person! If you’ve never read Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog then you are missing out!! (seriously, what’s wrong with you?)

I cannot thank Faith enough for showing us her wonderful city. She was so generous with her time and all the effort that is “driving in LA”. As a third generation Angelina she knew right where to go, what route to take, and what time of day to go there. In just a few days she had driven us from Malibu to the Hollywoodland and everything in between. You rock Faith!!

In and Out y’all…

If you’ve never been to an In and Out burger place I can tell you from first-hand experience that you do not understand. We were driving down Ventura Blvd at 11:30pm and as we passed the In and Out I couldn’t help but wonder why the drive through had a line out the driveway and down the street, and the walk up window had about twenty people standing in line.

Saturday we went to In and Out. I understand now: it's what a hamburger's all about...

LA in a nutty shell
Sunset in Los Angeles
I’m not going to blog about my entire trip in one entry. It would be too long. And besides, it will be more fun for me to revisit the topic each day for a while.

Men Who Knit

Today I’m going to go into full writing mode. Annie has shipped off about ten of the finished garments to the publisher and now it’s time for me to focus on the writing. I also received the yarn I need to finish up the sweater that I am knitting for the book.

Men Who Don’t Panic

And, the yarn for the sweater that I am to design for the super-cool yarn company arrived as well. Hi, Martha Stewart? It’s the crochet dude, yeah, can you spare me some of your ability to make time stand still and do outrageous amounts of work in each day? Thanks. Love you! Brunch in the Hamptons? Sure, I’ll bring a box of wine…