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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Crochet Swiftly, Dude

Howdy, My Name's Hank
Today's the day I get a swift. I've been holding off - telling myself that a spare set of feet do nicely, or that chairback over there works well enough, or "hi, thanks for delivering my mail each day, could you come inside for just five minutes please?" It's time for me to finish the sweater for the MWK book, and the extra yarn I need arrived. It's a lot of yarn; easily the largest hank on earth. (How long are these sleeves going to be anyways?) It all needs windering into lovely yarn cakes. For now it looks like a cat bed to Miss Chandler.

Hank, meet your competition...

This is officially the largest cone of yarn on earth. I received it in the mail while in Cali over the weekend (the cool people call it Cali..I'm just saying) for Super Cool Yarnthe garment I'm designing for the Super Cool Yarn Company. Three words: beeYOOteeful. (I guess that's four words if you're going to get technical on me.) If you look closely I included a sneak peek of the swatch I'm developing. It's all stretchy and ribby and brings out the subtle colors of the yarn.

Why I Feel Safe
I got yer back, dude...