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Friday, April 07, 2006

Got Jimbo?

If you don't have one of Jimbo's handcarved hooks, you are missing out on a real treat. I received my custom hook recently and I can't express just how much I love it. He even made it it nice and long (over 8 inches) to fit in my manly hand...

Here is part of his story in his own words:

Years ago my sis and I lived on a ranch up in the mountains of northern Washington State. We both loved the place dearly and were heart broken when our dad became ill and the place had to be sold. Since then it's been my life's dream to get the place back. Dreams do come true, and a few years back I was able to buy 30 acres of the ranch back.

What's that to do with crochet? Well back in the olden days my sis and I used to play around an old apple tree (shown in photo to the left) on a slope behind our cabin. Now years later, the cabin is gone but the tree is still there. Also, my sis lives in California and isn't really well enough to come back home much, so on birthdays and other occasions that warrant a gift, I try to make her something that originated from the ranch. I've done picture frames from shingles salvaged from the cabin, tealight candle holders from small aspens that grow on the ranch, and finally, crochet hooks from dead branches donated by the old apple tree.

Well, the crochet hooks turned out to be really special because every time she uses them, she's holding a sacred little piece of the ranch, in addition to something I made with my hands. But it has turned out to be more than just a nostalgic sort of thing... the hooks really work well. So I made more and found that other folks (who aren't quite so biased) marvel at their feel.

For me it is amazing to be part of this story by crocheting with one of Jimbo's hooks. Yes, the craftmanship is amazing, but I feel Jimbo's spirit is even more amazing and I hope he fulfills his dream!!

If you want to know more he blogs about the progress here: