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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shameless Knitting for Cat Lovers

First the shameless:

I'm very sad to say that I'm quickly losing my standing in the Crochet Top Site List. I have to call on you, my dear wonderful bestest friends a dude could ever have to click that button at the end of this paragraph or over there on the right and vote for me (pretty pretty please with hot fudge on top). It's free, and fun, and although you won't win anything you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I will sleep tonight, and not in a shiraz induced type of sleep, but the kind of sleep that comes from knowing that one has one's peeps watching out for one.... (one likes one's run on sentences... too much coffee once again...)

Top Site List

Now the knitting:

I've finally made some progress on the Cameo Easy Aran Cable Unisex Pullover that I started at the end of January. For more info on the yarn, etc, check the blog entry from that date.

Detail of the sweater. You can actually see the cables, etc, in real life, but they are a bugger to photograph, eh? (see I speak Canadian now, eh?) Oh my stars...

I'm almost to the point of beginning the shaping. How exciting is that?

And for cat lovers:

Why I get a little homesick every time I travel...