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Monday, March 27, 2006

Crochet Grilling

This is going on my third summer here in this house, with a yard, and no grill. Isn't that sad and well, un-dudely of me? Saturday afternoon it suddenly dawned on me that I needed a grill. Must. Have. Grill. And the next thing I know I'm stuffing a huge box into the backseat of my tiny Saturn. Thank goodness for the suicide door!

Sunday afternoon this is what my faux garage looked like:

The nice gentleman at HD offered to put the grill together for me, but I had to decline because put together? it would never fit in my backseat, and I didn't feel like towing a grill through Houston traffic. So after two hours and a half a box of wine... (er...did I say that out loud?) I ended up with this:

What to grill what to grill... hmm, so the only real choice for any Crochet Dude after he has slaved over 27 steps of directions in the 70 degree weather is to grill a turkey, a crocheted turkey that is!!

Mmmmm, thank you Lady Linoleum, the turkey was deeeelish!