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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flying Afghan pattern now available

I have received many emails over the past few months from people wanting the patterns for the Flying Afghan, but didn't get the pattern-a-day calendar that they were originally published in. So, for your pleasure, I have put together all the patterns for The Crochet Dude's Flying Afghan and made it available as a download or a 40 page full color booklet:

What's He Drankin' Now?

The answer to yesterday's burning question "What's he drankin' now?" is "tepache" (pronounced tuhPAHchay), sometimes referred to as pineapple beer or pineapple cider. I learned to make tepache when I lived in Guadalajara back in the 90's and I made a LOT of it down there. It may or may not have an alcohol content which means I may or may not have drunk it. And since no one guess correctly I guess I'll just have to give myself a little treat...er, you know what I mean...anywho.