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Friday, June 09, 2006

Tepache 101

By request, here is my version of tepache, that wonderful summer beverage that hits the spot. It may or may not hit your spot, but it does indeed hit my spot, and I'm not saying that it does have alcohol when it's finished because it may or may not, and I cannot be responsible for any deeds actions or otherwise table dancing or bad crocheting that may result from imbibing said refreshment... Anywho, proceed at your own risk....


One large fresh ripe pineapple
4 c brown sugar
4 cinnamon sticks

Step One:

Cut the top and the skin off the pineapple. Discard the top. Core the pineapple, slice the good part and grill until it just starts to caramelize and serve on a burger with avocado, onions and tomato...wow, now that's a good burger. Where was I? Oh yeah, after eating the burger and pondering its goodness, take the pineapple skins and the core and put them all in a large pot with 4 qts of water. Cover pot and sit on your counter. (Sit the pot on the counter, you yourself do NOT have sit on the counter. I suppose you could sit on the counter if you want to, I leave that as optional.)

Wait one full week (no peeking).

Step Two:

Add brown sugar and cinnamon sticks (I like to break the cinammon into pieces). Mix well and cover pot.

Wait another full week (no peeking again). Your refreshing beverage should look something like this at the end of the week:

Step Three:

Scoop out all the big chunks of pineapple and discard. Strain the liquid into a pitcher:

At this point I check to see if it's sweet enough for me and I'll add a little more brown sugar if necessary. I recommend serving this chilled, it brings out the different flavors when it's cold.

Step Four:

Get into a comfortable position and enjoy the weekend!