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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


No, just a tropical "low" that is swirling in the Gulf of Mexico and has pretty much been dumping rain on Houston nonstop since yesterday morning. You know what that means, don't you? Crochet weather! It's fun to hunker down inside with all the curtains drawn and crochet all day! I've been concentrating on getting a bunch of swatches made up that I've had in my head for a few months. I want to have them all shipped out to the various mags & yarn companies before I head to LA to tape that certain show. Have I mentioned that yet?

Eleventy Hundred

That's the number of "step-outs" that I have to get ready for the taping. A step-out is the little segment of the piece that you are demonstrating on camera that is partially finished and ready to be worked on at that point of the show. I went over my segments with the producer the other day and highlighted the step outs that I need to make. And, just to be safe, they recommend that I make several of each step out in case they have to reshoot that step and I'll have an extra ready to go. One would think that one would start this right away. One would think.


I'm sorry I forgot to mention what type of bugs those are living on the tomato. Several commenters wondered what they were, a couple even knew what they were, and I wanted to verify that these are indeed "Assassin Bugs" or "Wheel Bugs". They are beneficial insects that eat lots of the non-beneficial insects in the garden. And since my garden is pesticide free it's important that I allow them to thrive (that's for those of you who suggested a quick and decisive attack on the critters).

Studio 2.0

I finally began the task of moving the t.v. out of my studio space and into the family room (now that the family room has furniture). When I first bought this house this room was always intended to be a proper studio. There were several renovations that took precedence though and my crochet has been neatly strung throughout the house. Once I get this room cleared out I'll be making a trip to Ikea (oh yeah!) and putting in lots of storage and functional work surfaces. The room itself is 10 X 17 so there is plenty of space. It's a bit ironical that the space that I use the most is the space that I'm renovating last. But hey, when my peeps are toes up in the guest bedroom they won't have to look at a pile of swatches or a nekkid dress form, right?