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Monday, July 31, 2006


Since spending some QT with a few professional crochet designers a few weeks ago I realized that more than ever I need to approach my design career with the respect that it deserves, including taking time to recharge. For example I've been turning off my email around 6pm each night and paying attention to Cleo & Chandler, having a proper dinner at the dining room table, etc. Next came the guts to actually take weekends off from designing. That's not to say that I won't work until all hours or over the weekend to meet a deadline, because I have and I will. But not every weekend has an uber-strict deadline looming at the end of it and those are the times that it's good to stop. Rest. Recharge.

Over this past weekend I rested, took a little day trip outside of Houston, and I also started a new project (see photo above). It's the Anniversary Sweater from Knitty.com and I'm using a yarn from Malibrigo, a kettle dyed pure merino wool from Uruguay.

Sadly, I must reveal that I did not go to Ikea over the weekend as I had hoped. Maybe next weekend... I have a hankering for lingonberries...

Weekends Aside

That being said, here is a big box of yarn that I received for a project that I'm making for one of the crochet magazines. Isn't it cool? I must repeat myself here: one of the best perks is getting to crochet with all these great yarns, even if they are just borrowed! I'm pretty sure I can make this deadline without using weekend time. I wish I could tell you about the project, but alas, I'm a *coughprofessionalcough* and cannot divulge that info yet. Stick around though, I promise to let y'all know when the issue comes out.