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Friday, July 28, 2006

Men At Work

Yesterday was spent swatching and moving stuff. I swatched until I could swatch no more. Then I switched from swatching to the moving of the stuff. It took some time to de-wire everything from the stereo and t.v. then move it all, then rewire it all again. Every time I move the t.v. (a few times over the last five years) I swear that I'm going to make the wires all neat and bundled and put them in those tubes to make them disappear. But for some reason it's impossible. Must be a quantum thing. I gotta start watching the Nasa channel more. Which, btw, is a wonderful channel to watch if you need to relax and/or sleep deeply. There is nothing like watching the shuttle sit on the launch pad for four days without commerical breaks.

The t.v./stereo finally in the family room. Last night I was so comfortable laying on the sofa, watching The Daily Show, that I fell asleep and didn't wake up until after The Cobert Report. That's craziness folks!

This is the newly found space in the newly declared studio. The blank area on the left is where the t.v. once stood. The loveseat on the right is piled with the swatches that I've been working on. I wonder how busy it will be at Ikea tomorrow?

They're Stackable

To save space in a multi-feline household, The Crochet Dude(tm) recommends only having patent pending Stackable Kitties.